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Dominant Women And Accommodating Men - Total Disaster! The Lie Of Feminism Has Destroyed Marriage

Uncategorized May 31, 2020



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Men are in an identity crisis and all of us are suffering for it! In this video, I discuss the softening of men and how it ruins their lives and marriages.

- DK

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CENSORED! - Alpha Shift Radio

Uncategorized May 28, 2020



YouTube took down my latest podcast episode!

Hey, it's David.

No sooner did I get episode 023 uploaded all over everywhere than I got a notification that YouTube pulled it down for violating community standards. Wow. Talking about current events is apparently unacceptable.

The episode is called "Love Always Conquers Fear - How to be a leader in uncertain times" and I was pretty proud of it.

You can of course, as always, watch listen or download at

I'm curious, watch the episode and leave me a comment whether you think that sort of thing should be censored. This stuff is getting out of hand and while I think it's coming to an end everyone needs to speak up and do their part.

Donald Trump just signed an executive order against these social media companies for censoring Americans - which I think is a great step.

One last request...

Make your voice heard and sign this online petition to let the white house know that you while not put up with these...

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There has never been a better time to come home...

Uncategorized May 26, 2020



The special Spring Forward opportunity has resulted in a record-breaking number of new Members joining and previous Members reactivating in GIN.

Hey it's David.

The energy, information, education, and worldwide support system of GIN is expanding and helping individuals and families grow stronger all over the globe!

As the news of COVID-19 dominates the media, we will continue being the messengers of the true positive pathways to long term health, wealth, and happiness. We are committed during these times to do our part to help humanity. Therefore, we have extended the Spring Forward opportunity throughout the month of May. The Universe has opened another door of opportunity for you this month, but this deal will not last much longer.

>>>Join in May 2020 and your Initial Fee is waived! Activate your new Membership for only the cost of your first month's membership dues of $150 USD.<<<

We are thrilled to welcome so many new members and welcome...

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"Love Always Conquers Fear" Alpha Shift Radio Ep 023

Uncategorized May 26, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio

Episode 023:

"Love always conquers fear: How to be a leader in a time of tremendous uncertainty"


Segment 1:

On the level of form, your freedoms are being taken away.

People are taking the Red Pill. You must understand it to understand what is going around you.

Great documentaries for you to watch right away:

Out Of Shadows
Fall Of The Cabal

Doctors speaking up about HR6666 and tyranny:

Dr. Rashid Buttar
Dr. Erickson Dr. Massihi

Where are YOU with everything? How do you feel? Are you out of work and at effect?

Red Pill isn't all scary - good things are coming too.

You are all going to a new world and a new life - EVERYTHING is going to change.

Segment 2:

Three critically important life lessons taken from "The Way Of The Superior Man:"

1. Always hold to your deepest realization
2. Never change your mind just to please a woman
3. Your purpose must come before your relationship

Segment 3:

How to raise your consciousness and...

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Megxit, Prince Harry, Megan Markle, Nice Guy Disaster Divorce Imminent She's in Charge!

Uncategorized May 19, 2020



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Prince Harry is very publicly undergoing the ultimate nice guy flogging. Megan took him away from his world and his power. He's miserable and moving to her stomping grounds in Los Angeles California.

How do you think this will go? Comment and let me know what you think...

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Episode 022: "Breadcrumbs"

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020



Episode 022:


In this week's episode I'm inviting you to consider:

Are you paying attention? Do you explore what's happening in the world around you? Do you believe what you are being told by the media?

Are you taking charge or living in fear?

Tough times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make bad times.

Would you like to guess where we are? In this episode, I am going to compel you to investigate what is going down all around you. It may be a lot more that you think.

I left you a trail of breadcrumbs.

Segment 1:

5:38 - Covid-19 details you may not know. Are you sure that you are getting the full story?

Segment 2:

12:54 - Breadcrumbs. Follow the breadcrumbs. Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve, Sex trafficking, Hollywood, and Hillary. A pandemic where the facts don't add up and a silent war being fought under our feet.

While I won't spoon-feed you, I'll send you on a merry chase to find your own answers...

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Episode 021: "Permission to be your TRUE self"

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio

Episode 021: "Permission to be your TRUE self"

Hey gang,

You didn't think quarantine could keep us down, did you?

David and Don are back and things will never be the same...

There is a NEW DIRECTION for The Alpha Shift. There is a unique opportunity to slow down and find our life purpose and direction.

David gives himself permission to throw aside marketing and bring through the most authentic self.

(No more whoring himself for the paycheck!)

We discuss the opportunity of the permanent changes coming in the world...

...Rising above the limitations of our past thinking.

...Releasing ourselves of need and co-dependency.

"May every man find the woman of his dreams so he would see that she is not the answer."

- David Krueger, The Alpha Shift 2020

We also get a great update from Don about how the best of American values are shining through in his family and others as we face an unprecedented challenge together.

Recommended in this episode:

"Out Of...

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Seizing the opportunity - the new world is coming.... (Alpha Shift Radio - ep. 020)

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2020



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Episode 20:

The Alpha Shift in Exile

"Seizing the opportunity - the new world is coming...."

The World Will Never Be The Same - And Neither Will You

With David Krueger

* So we're under House arrest. Life will never be the same.

* I've reflected on priorities, I share how I spend my time.

* What's really going on? You should Look into things.

* Learning how to learn and how to be humble. I don't know what I didn't know.

* The old normal is gone. But - you are not in this alone. What's happening to you is happening to everyone.

* How will you define yourself?

* Too busy surviving, hustling.

* The benefits of connecting with friends.

* Creativity, connection to source - operating from passion. That's what creates beauty in this world. What my passion really is.

* Some upheaval is coming. Brace for the ride.

* More opportunity now since the great derision.

* Solutions...

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Coronavirus Update from Kevin Trudeau

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2020



From Kevin:
This is Coronavirus Update #11

If you have not read the previous 10 updates, I highly recommend you read them! They contain extremely important information. All my predictions in those updates have proved to be true and came to pass, or are in the process of coming to pass. CLICK HERE to read the updates.

As I have stated in a previous update, we are on government "lock down". This means I have VERY limited time to write updates. I am restricted to email access of only 15 minutes at a time with lines over 1 hour to get to an email terminal.

I will continue posting updates as best as I can with the limitations I am now under.

Then look for the answer in an upcoming update. Be patient for the answer.

Bottom line:

Everything is fine. All is well. The sky is NOT falling.

This "pandemic" is real, in the sense that a new virus is spreading across the globe quickly.

But there is zero evidence that this virus is more contagious or...

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Call today (And Join GIN for FREE!)

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020



This is a time of unprecedented opportunity...

Hey, it's David.

For those of you who have been considering joining GIN or reactivating...

It's FREE for April and you get a FREE ticket to our summer family reunion event in Las Vegas.

>>>I'll do a full update on this soon, but in the meantime join here:<<<

It is a powerful mastermind and training that will pay for itself many times over.

For members, we have a call today at 1 pm eastern:

With the consciousness of the world shifting and more and more of us awakening as old structures dissolve, it is more important than ever for positive like-minded people to come together in a true mastermind and raise our collective energy.

This is your invitation to a 15-minute zoom call with your fellow gin brothers and sisters. We would like to meet a few times a week during this worldwide slowdown, to focus, re-center and leverage the mastermind to raise our collective vibration and seize this moment in...

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