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Episode 018 - The Myth Of "The One"

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2020



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Episode 018: "The Myth Of The One"

In this week's episode, David and Don take on the incredibly destructive belief in the myth of the "soulmate" and the notion that there is one perfect person out there for you.

...And when this person comes into your life, a chorus of angels will sing and a pink unicorn will fly over shitting rainbows.

Let me tell you something:

The quality of your partners and the quality of your relationships directly reflect the quality of the person you bring to the table (YOU)...

In this episode:

* Don't be the guy who's given up. That's why she doesn't respond to you.
* Happiness and love are possible when you are set up to win. Not because of mysticism and nonsense.
* Winning component of a successful marriage.
* Why an attitude of giving must be present from BOTH partners.
* David is taken apart by the numerological numbers and his true motives revealed.
* Don grieves the reality that chino khakis have gone out of fashion.

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