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Episode 021: "Permission to be your TRUE self"

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio

Episode 021: "Permission to be your TRUE self"

Hey gang,

You didn't think quarantine could keep us down, did you?

David and Don are back and things will never be the same...

There is a NEW DIRECTION for The Alpha Shift. There is a unique opportunity to slow down and find our life purpose and direction.

David gives himself permission to throw aside marketing and bring through the most authentic self.

(No more whoring himself for the paycheck!)

We discuss the opportunity of the permanent changes coming in the world...

...Rising above the limitations of our past thinking.

...Releasing ourselves of need and co-dependency.

"May every man find the woman of his dreams so he would see that she is not the answer."

- David Krueger, The Alpha Shift 2020

We also get a great update from Don about how the best of American values are shining through in his family and others as we face an unprecedented challenge together.

Recommended in this episode:

"Out Of Shadows" documentary

Watch this immediately! (In fact, I give you permission to watch this first, THEN come back and listen to this episode..)

After watching this head over to Instagram and check out the last couple of posts from Lady GaGa and read the comments. Same for Bill Gates. Message me or comment here and tell me what you see.

Book: "I Am The Word" by Paul Selig.

Paperback on Amazon:

Download the audiobook free for 30 days on hoopla:

Remember you are a caterpillar in a cocoon right now. Soon you will hatch into a magnificent butterfly. What will you stand for?

See you next week...

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