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Reminder - call this afternoon...

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2020



Everything else is canceled you can totally join this call...

Hey, it's David.

With respect to the current global situation, rest assured we are here for you and we will be giving you very specific, up-to-date information about how to stay happy, healthy and well using every resource we have within your Global Information Network Family. We are here to protect, serve and move you forward.

College basketball in the U.S. announced that they are canceling their tournament games. The good news is, now you can invite all college basketball players, coaches, and fans to join us on this Sunday's March Gladness Call.

GIN is playing the game of personal and professional development full-on and so are YOU!

As we approach tomorrow's call, we are working on even more exciting benefits to share with you!

If you are a current Member we are increasing your gladness factor.
If you are a new Member you will be glad that you joined GIN.
If you are a previous Member that is re-engaging you will be so glad.
If you are a guest of a current Member and are considering joining GIN, you will be glad that someone thought enough of you to invite you on this call.

We are uniting the energy, magnifying the momentum and supersizing your success! This Sunday, take a short break from the Coronavirus news and plug into the GOOD NEWS that GIN has for you!

Rally everyone to participate in this call as we March Forward through the balance of this month, continue expanding Member benefits and prepare for a future that has never been brighter.

Join your worldwide GIN Family on this very special call and let's celebrate March Gladness Together!

Here is the call info:

Date: Sunday, March 15th

TIME: 2 PM EST- 1pM CST- 12PM MST - 11am PST

Conference Call Dial-in Information:

Conference dial-in number: (563) 999-2090
Access Code: 984716#

See you on the call,



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