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Uncategorized May 26, 2020



The special Spring Forward opportunity has resulted in a record-breaking number of new Members joining and previous Members reactivating in GIN.

Hey it's David.

The energy, information, education, and worldwide support system of GIN is expanding and helping individuals and families grow stronger all over the globe!

As the news of COVID-19 dominates the media, we will continue being the messengers of the true positive pathways to long term health, wealth, and happiness. We are committed during these times to do our part to help humanity. Therefore, we have extended the Spring Forward opportunity throughout the month of May. The Universe has opened another door of opportunity for you this month, but this deal will not last much longer.

>>>Join in May 2020 and your Initial Fee is waived! Activate your new Membership for only the cost of your first month's membership dues of $150 USD.<<<

We are thrilled to welcome so many new members and welcome back past Members who have taken advantage of this unique, limited-time promotion!

During our current global situation that everyone in the world is facing, it is fascinating to observe that people are choosing two very separate and distinct paths that will impact their lives today and in the future by delivering two very separate and distinct RESULTS.

One path that people are choosing is to constantly plug into an energy field of fear, uncertainty, helplessness, panic, stress, and isolation. They are plugging into sources that cause them to get bounced around like a ship without a rudder as the winds and tides change.

There is another path to choose. People who are Members of the Global Information Network and those of you who are joining or re-joining now, are plugging into an energy field of strength, calm awareness, relaxation, mental and physical wellness, and expansion on all levels. The results that Members are achieving right now and will continue to enjoy for a lifetime are much different than those who choose the path of helplessness.

Remember the question, "Who do you listen to?"

We are the world's most powerful and predictable result-driven success club that provides Global Information and Education to our Network. GIN Members are not drifting apart into isolation. GIN Members are further uniting, growing stronger in mind, body, and spirit while helping others to do the same. GIN Members are practicing their pledge which is "Members helping other Members first."

T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Accomplishes More! The sum total is greater than its parts and we are part of something magnificent that is greater than any one of us and greater than all of us! Yes, we choose to Spring Forward!

GIN is showering its Members with more seeds of value than ever before. As you nurture these seeds of greatness you will grow stronger than ever before. Just to name a few, we now have exclusively for Members:

Your Weekly Member Development Series released to you on your GIN website every Sunday. This is roll-up-your-sleeves, dig deeper, results-driven training.
Terrific Tuesdays with Tom Ward. A weekly check-up from the neck up to move you forward all week long.

Wellness Wednesday hosted by Dr. Tom Morter along with special guests. This will give you weekly health and wellness information from trusted sources to maximize your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing every single day.

Financial Fitness Friday: Periodic financial tips and strategies, hosted by GIN's Global Expansion Director, Lee Kenny. Learn how to be strong financially while we shine the light on financial opportunities in a world where many others may feel trapped in fear and darkness.

Patenaude Power Up Series: monthly training hosted by Sifu Stephane Patenaude to help you Power Up your energy, endurance, cardio, mind, body, and spirit.

More meetings, Zoom calls, teleconferences, and future events.... and the list goes on and on!

>>>Learn about the gift of Level VIII WITH K.T. FREE. A value of over $100,000 outside of the world of GIN.<<<

Now HERE is the Spring Forward Promotion for you to share!

In light of our current world situation and to help everyone who deserves to make the positive choice to become a Member of GIN in the month of May, remember the SPRING FORWARD Gift of Membership!

This means for the month of May, GIN is waiving the one-time initiation fee to join GIN, valued at $495 USD. For the entire month of May the Initial Fee is FREE. This month your new Members or past Members reengaging a previous Membership can plug into all the benefits of Membership by simply activating their monthly Membership dues of approximately five dollars per day, only $150 USD per month.

In addition to waiving the $495 Initial Fee in May, all new members that join in May will receive a FREE ticket to our next major event called 2020 Global Family Reunion, for a multi-day worldwide conference in Las Vegas at the magnificent Mirage Hotel Casino & Resort and Conference Center. This is a retail value for non-Members of $2,500 USD and a Member-only value of $497 USD which new Members will be gifted absolutely FREE!

Do you know family, friends, and neighbors who are still looking for more? Of course, you do. Invite them to take the positive action step today and join GIN. The true value is priceless when you help others improve their lives!

>>>Join in May 2020 and your Initial Fee is waived! Activate your new Membership for only the cost of your first month's membership dues of $150 USD.<<<

I'll see you in Vegas!

- David



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