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Two amazing FREE events you can join LIVE this weekend!

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Are you craving connection, inspiration, and evolution?

Hey, it's David.

We are unstoppable in our club, and a temporary interruption will not hold us back from gathering globally for some safe laughter, learning, and LOVE!

You and your guests are invited to an unprecedented online GIN Event this Saturday, August 1st, 2020 at 10 am CST. Tune in for NEW, LIVE online training while feeling that GIN warmth from your Brothers and Sisters all over the world. We would have been on stage in Vegas this weekend, but instead, we will bring the stage to YOU!

Of course, we will kick off LIVE with our very own Blaine Athorn, Dr. Tom Morter, Dr. Ted Morter, and Lee Kenny. Then join GIN Faculty and Guest Speakers such as Heather Perdue, Meg Ahrnsbrak and Erin Ward, Tom Ward, Shelly Miller, Sifu Stephane Patenaude, Earlene Vining, Ed Foreman, and GIN Brother Peter Sage sharing a perspective from his experience with best-selling authors, speakers, and trainers.

Join us for topics such as financial tips, ways to support fellow GIN Members, how to get on track with your GIN Training, GIN's Youth Program and ways to maximize your children's learning potential, health and wellness advice, secrets to staying physically empowered, and so much more!

The first approximately 90 minutes of this online GIN Event will be LIVE via Zoom and open to GIN Members, Affiliates, and Guests. Immediately following, several training modules will be released on the website to dues-paying Members only. GIN Members, simply login to participate as many times as you like throughout your weekend and beyond!

Click below to register in advance and receive a confirmation email with your Zoom credentials and all of the information that you will need to successfully attend this GIN Event on Saturday.

>>>We're excited to see you and your Guests there!<<<


Remember the amazing tools I mentioned that accelerate your peace, well being, love, personal power, and spiritual development?

Well, you can learn all about them here:

In June we began a once-monthly Zoom Introduction to I Ching Systems and Artworks and it was a resounding success! We welcomed many new friends and after the meeting, a dozen or so folks "hung out" to be together on Zoom. It was heartwarming, connecting, and!

This Sunday, August 2 at 1 pm EST (and every 1st Sunday ongoing), we hope you will gather some interested folks and join us to hear about ICSA, its origins, the Technology, mission, and the profound balancing effect that this technology has to offer.

Feel free to share this registration link with anyone you think would like to join us. It's also helpful if you are planning to attend if you can also register.

We are so looking forward to our time together!

>>>Please register for the I-Ching Introduction here.<<<

May you never be the same,



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