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Urgent! New Message from Kevin Trudeau

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2020



This message was originally intended to be for GIN Members only.

Hey it's David,

This message just dropped from Kevin and I wanted to get it to you right away...

Recently Kevin let Tonya and Rahelios know that he would like this to go out immediately to the general public.  So, here it is, for your information and benefit.

If you would like to see it in video form click play below:


Hello, fellow GIN members!

I am sending everyone greetings, best wishes, and blessings during these exciting and adventurous times.

I sincerely hope everyone is having fun and enjoying the "show", the "play of universal consciousness" that is unfolding right before your eyes. Everything that is going on may seem scary at times or unsettling. But rest assured, everything is more than just OK in the world, everything is "perfect".

Look for the GOLD! See the perfection in what appears on the surface as the "imperfection" in things.

If you are a "witness and observer" to all that is going on, you WILL be having fun.

If you are part of this "play", then perhaps you are not having so much fun.

The choice is yours.

Massive changes are happening all around the world in ways that are beyond most people's comprehension.

These changes will be "bad" for many because that is their perception.

These changes will be extremely "good" for certain people who see things for what they really are, and are part of a "network" or "community" of like-minded people.

For those of you who are truly engaged and plugged into the GIN community, you should be counting your blessings for being a Member of GIN, making you lucky to be in the right place during these wild times.

I hope you have had the opportunity to read my Covid -19 updates that I have published on The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club Facebook page. If not, I encourage you to read them. CLICK HERE to read them.

As you all know, if you have read my book, "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About", censorship is real and happening now.

In fact, censorship and suppression of the free-flow of information, ideas, and opinions are now at an all-time high.

There is no longer any Free Speech in the world.

Governments all around the globe control almost all mainstream media outlets. This includes TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Journalists are being censored and controlled.

The major social media companies and search engines such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, and Instagram all are announcing about how they proudly manipulate "searches" and the information you are allowed to be exposed to on their platforms. They admit proudly that they censor all "speech" on the internet under the guise of "protecting you" from "dangerous opinions".

Wikipedia for example does not provide accurate information. They provide information that fits their "globalist agenda".

One method is to "discredit" anyone who promotes ideas that go against their "plan for a new globalist world".

An independent watchdog group randomly looked at 1000 profiles on Wikipedia of relatively famous people, authors, radio hosts, and influencers. 100% of these profiles contained INACCURATE information, misleading information, and outright lies. Wikipedia also stated opinions and made them appear as "facts". When the researchers tried to correct the blatant errors, they were UNABLE TO! Wikipedia refused to correct the misinformation. VERY dishonest.

The documentary "Plandemic", which went viral on YouTube and Facebook, and could originally be viewed at, but at the time of this writing is no longer available, is another example of complete censorship. This video contains alternative views and opinions that "they" don't want you to know about. So the social media monopolies BANNED it from the internet. It was completely scrubbed from YouTube. It was completely scrubbed from Facebook. It soon was only available at the Plandemic Movie website. Today, it is very difficult to find anywhere at all. And if you even mention the "Plandemic" website on social media, your post may be removed!

Note from David -

You can watch Plandemic here (and I suggest you DO):

I explained much of this in one of my Covid-19 Updates that I published on The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club Facebook page.

Even with all the craziness going on around the world, and much more to come in the coming years, please know that everything is still VERY, VERY WELL. :)

Life as you see it is a "play of consciousness". What you see unfolding is simply the karma of all of us burning off.

There is nothing to fear. It is not what happens in the world, but more importantly how you respond to what is happening in the world, that matters most.

Life is as you see it. Life is what you choose to make it. Look for and find the GOLD in everything and every situation.

There IS GOLD in this current situation.

You hopefully now see one of the major values of being a GIN member.

With information being censored, how will you get all sides of an issue so that you can "see" all viewpoints and opinions?

The richest, most powerful people in the world, and those who are the most grounded and at peace, are those that are totally "integrated" with ALL the information. They see things from a "wide scope" perspective. They see the "total big picture" as a "whole". They see and understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

As a GIN Member, YOU will be able to get all the information that others will not be able to access. You and your family will then have advantages in life that others simply will not have. You are lucky. But then again, it is YOU who created your luck. It is your karma. It is your destiny.

Throughout history, censorship has been a major tool used by those in power to control the masses.

They keep things compartmentalized so you don't see the "whole picture" and thus stop you from having total understanding and knowingness. They mislead and deceive. They twist facts. They omit key facts. They are not "honest".

However, the good news is that throughout history, "societies", "communities", "clubs" and associations have existed so that the free-flow of information could continue without censorship. Those who were members of such groups had major advantages in life. They were "in the know".

This is one reason why I named the club the Global INFORMATION Network. We are a GLOBAL network of people that will always have a free-flow of information. This fact is so vitally important now and going forward. More so NOW than ever before.

You are lucky to be a member of GIN.

If you read the Vision for the CLUB (CLICK HERE) and the Vision for the SHIP (CLICK HERE) now in a new unit of time, you will understand even more why being a member of GIN will be one of the most valuable assets you have in your life.

Soon I will be delivering special "MEMBERS ONLY" messages with KEY information that you NEED to know during this time and the upcoming years. YOU are going to be "In the Know".

I look forward to seeing you at the Level 8 training starting in the summer of 2022.

I am sure I will see you before that either in person or virtually via the "internet".

Until then, I encourage you to spend time going through:

-The Success Mastery Course

-The Science of Personal Mastery Course

-The Recommended Book, Audio, Video and Course material (CLICK HERE for the NEW list)

Know that LOVE and LIGHT is the "Cure" for everything.

Stay positive.



Have fun.

Take life LIGHTLY!

And remember, find the GOLD in everything!

I am sending you all my love and all my blessings.

Your friend,

Kevin Trudeau

PS - (From David) You can join GIN with no initiation dues and get a free trip to our Vegas event if you act NOW.

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