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You won't believe what Kevin Trudeau did...

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2020




He's coming home soon and wants to give us a gift...

Hey, it's David.

I just came back from our event in Los Cabos, and the energy was off the charts!!!

I did the level VII phase one training and it was incredible. Energy has been lifted. Greater freedom and clarity have been achieved.

I spent an entire week in a beautiful environment with some of my favorite people in the world, having fun and living the dream.

I hope you understand how powerful a thing that is and I hope you want it for yourself.

A part of my homework for the next six months before I do Level VII phase two is something called the Ben Franklin process. I focus on a word that I want to bring more of in my life for thirty days. I do this for six key words over six months.

On Friday morning after I'd completed Level VII training I focused on the phrase:

"I am focusing, with intention, on faith and trust."

I walked into the high-level leadership meeting that morning and found out that Kevin Trudeau was gifting the success mastery course level VIII to all level VII members and he was going to deliver it live and in person.

Holy moly.

Blane said to us on Wednesday morning that we were going to be very glad we decided to become Level VII members.

>>>You can read the full announcement from Kevin here.<<<


This Sunday millions of people in the U.S. and all over the world will tune in to watch an American football game called the "Superbowl."

It's just a game. One team must lose for the other to win. The outcome will have little to no effect on your personal health, wealth or long-term happiness.

Join us this Sunday for GIN's Superbowl of Success and discover how everyone wins here!

(And you'll still have plenty of time to catch that game that has zero bearings on your life!)

On this call, you'll learn all the details and share in the sheer excitement of this announcement.

Yes, there are no losers. You can only lose if you miss the opportunities. Join the call this Sunday. Tune in and you will WIN!

Learn about Level VIII with KT FREE!!!

* The energy ball is expanding
* Member value is expanding
* Your training is expanding
* Your opportunities are expanding
* Your club is expanding
* The good news is expanding and it keeps getting Gooder and Gooder and Better and Better.

Everyone should plug into this call and spread the word to everyone you know! There is something for everyone and everyone can WIN!

* If you are a current Member be on this call.
* If you are a past Member, tune back in and be on this call!
* If you are an Affiliate be on this call.
* If you have guests, invite them to be on this call.

Everyone is invited to the party and when you show up, you will have cause to CELEBRATE!!!

Get your 20/20 vision set in 2020 because the vision is now your REALITY!

Call Information:

Date: Sunday, February 2nd

TIME: 2 PM EST- 1pM CST- 12PM MST - 11am

Use Dial-in Information Below

Conference Call Dial-in Information:

Conference dial-in number: (563) 999-2090
Access Code: 984716#

And if you think you might be interested - get in touch with me immediately! - [email protected]

I'll see you on the call and may you NEVER be the same!

All the best,



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