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You won't believe what Kevin Trudeau did...

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2020




He's coming home soon and wants to give us a gift...

Hey, it's David.

I just came back from our event in Los Cabos, and the energy was off the charts!!!

I did the level VII phase one training and it was incredible. Energy has been lifted. Greater freedom and clarity have been achieved.

I spent an entire week in a beautiful environment with some of my favorite people in the world, having fun and living the dream.

I hope you understand how powerful a thing that is and I hope you want it for yourself.

A part of my homework for the next six months before I do Level VII phase two is something called the Ben Franklin process. I focus on a word that I want to bring more of in my life for thirty days. I do this for six key words over six months.

On Friday morning after I'd completed Level VII training I focused on the phrase:

"I am focusing, with intention, on faith and trust."

I walked into the high-level leadership meeting that morning and found out that...

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Life Is Sales - Are You Getting The Job Done in Your Life?

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio Episode 014

Life, Love, and romance are all SALES

You are always in sales. It's all sales.

3:00 - In building relationships you are selling yourself. What if you looked at it more like a game and add real value.

5:30 - Selling yourself to your wife is not manipulation.

7:30 - Small example - how do you treat service people - get better

8:45 - They are buying YOU

11:00 - You must keep selling YOURSELF. You are not entitled.

14:30 - What you get excited about. That's where your genius is.

20:30 - Don presents his four tab spreadsheet that he created to keep in front of his clients and his life.

Don's Spreadsheet here.

32:20 - You can't be everyone's favorite guy. Get over it.

33:30 - Always be closing - always be committed - always be giving VALUE.


Segment 2:

36:45 - Alpha Shift After Dark - are you getting the job done in the bedroom? Common complaint from women - mend are self-centered unaware lame lovers.

40:00 - constantly...

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One of the greatest tools GIN has brought me

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2020



What if there was a tool that could take away your self-hatred and clear the way for peace?

Hey, it's David.

There's a special call happening tomorrow and I'm inviting you to be on it if you can.

Through my journey in GIN, I've been exposed to an overwhelming number of healing and clearing modalities. Kevin frequently reiterates that you need to clear your resistance. When you un-gunk YOU the clouds have cleared and you can see.

You know what you want and you have greater power to manifest.

I have to admit that at the beginning I thought that was cute but I'll get to it once I've made my fortune.

Oh, silly David.

In the last year, I've become intensely interested in doing the inner work once and for all and permanently changing my vibration to be who I want to be and attract what and who I want in my life.

The most powerful tools I have found through GIN are the healing and clearing instruments through I-Ching Systems.

I'll do a series in the future about all...

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Episode 013: Resources to Create the new YOU

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio

Episode 013: Resources to Create the new YOU

(And make your dreams come true in 2020)

5:45 - we will start with emotional needs but the resource page will eventually grow.

7:00 - The Alpha Shift will become a real community in 2020.

10:15 - Why do men need support and resources. Article "Why Progressives should stop ignoring men's issues".

15:00 - money won't fix you. You wind FIND something to worry about. The resource page will help you build the man. What has to change is you. Gearing you towards books, audios, resources, meditations.

18:00 - Male suicide statistics. Eye-opening.

22:00 - How can men learn to open up?

26:00 - Letter from a listener - how to get out of a depression, get out of shame and get his wife's respect back?

33:50 - When you don't need her validation - you get it!

35:45 - Men will call you on your shit. You need a group of guys to confide in.

38:20 - Talk to the Alpha Shift. We are your buddy!

39:50 - How can an...

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Episode 012 - Is This The End of Men or a New Beginning?

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2020



Alpha Shift Radio - Episode 012:

The first episode of 2020! Is this the end of men, or a new beginning?

David and Don do the decade in review and then take a look forward...

1:10 review of the new Star Wars movie

9:00 Lesson from the movie - Chicks ALWAYS go for the bad boy! Be Kylo Ren!

13:00 The evolution of online dating shows our changing priorities in life.

14:15 Sharon Stone gets kicked off of Bumble.

17:00 How a woman finds her feminine essence again.

21:00 How a man finds his purpose.

24:00 Our thoughts on New Years resolutions.

26:30 Applying the Kaizen principle to daily resolutions.

27:30 Journaling the year in review - setting New Years INTENTIONS.

31:15 Change is about the US. Not the government or leadership.

38:45 You can create anything you want to create in your life.

41:00 We gotta brings Don's wife in for a guest spot!

43:00 Treating people with respect and making empowering choices. The in-love feeling will ebb and flow. It's normal.


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Episode 011 - Curing Nice Guy Syndrome and Depression! Becoming the man who gets respect

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2020



Episode 11: Curing Nice-Guy-Itis and Depression

answering your questions!

2:00 Can a guy be friends with a married woman?

3:40 You are a prize. Don't get hung up on unavailable women.

4:53 Do you want to be her emotional tampon?

Dave is going to do a resource page...

8:10 Is it foolish to try to make a woman happy?

10:30 the critical importance of purpose and direction.

14:10 Do women marry for the wrong reasons? Do they really love you?

16:10 How do you vet a woman?

18:00 Why can't I share my pain with her?

21:00 Why your wife wants to feel your strength.

24:00 you are creating your life every day moment by moment. It comes down to your ability to feel good.

25:30 I'm seeing a trend - a crisis of confidence.

27:30 How women test you.

31:45 A better man is good for everyone.

36:20 How do I stop being depressed and having anxiety?

40:20 I've been single for 11 years, what do I do?

46:00 What women really want from a man.

Resource page:


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Episode 010: Be The Kind Of Man Women Want and The World NEEDS

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2019



How To Take Charge of Your Life: Be The Kind Of Man Women Want and The World NEEDS

*Please do me a favor and comment below/leave a review/give us a like/hit the notification bell. Let me know what you think, and let me know what questions you have. I want to hear from you!*

Segment 1:

OK, so everything seems to suck. The World is a Shit Show.

Article - Are there no more marriageable men?

Article - Charlize Theron says that she's shockingly single and men not stepping up are to blame

So what do we do pack up and go home?

No, we take charge and create the life that we want.

Segment 2:

It's good to know the score. You can't be oblivious. But know this: whatever you want you can create.

First, you have to take responsibility 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

You can create anything you want. Stop observing what IS and start thinking about what you WANT to create.

Book recommendation: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

So what do we want to...

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The Anxiety Epidemic And How To Rise Above It

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2019



Alpha Shift Radio Episode 009: The Anxiety Epidemic And How To Rise Above It

This week we address the modern epidemic of rampant anxiety, and how it affects children, adults, and relationships.

We then go into your own personal power and some things you can do to counteract the anxiety in your life and take control to have the life that you want!

2:30 - where the Alpha Shift started and where it needs to go. Mission and growth are everything.

(Alpha, then shift..)

We evolve together.

4:00 - when David rode with the four horsemen of the apocalypse (and David and Don get great feedback on the podcast).

5:45 - Angst - the Documentary. What does anxiety disorder look like? Fight or flight response.

10:30 - AP news college students seeking mental help and cannot be served.

14:30 - The only way is for people to take 100% responsibility for their own mental health. Meditate, think right, to get support, take charge.

16:25 - You can't eliminate darkness; you can only...

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Getting better the easy way

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2019



Man, we had a great time on Saturday.

 Hey it’s David.

I want to thank everyone who joined us on Saturday. Local southeastern Michigan GIN meetings are back!

Thank you, Mom (Nancy), Greg, Catherine, Vanessa, Karyn, and Uzoma.

It was wonderful hearing about all of your wins and sharing success principles.

For those who enjoyed the balancing with the color block three stack and were fascinated with my Fibonacci Technology Balancing Instrument you can learn a little more about I-Ching systems here:

I will be letting you know when our next meeting will be. I’ve got a lot of travelling coming up and the holidays will be upon us soon after that so I’ll get something scheduled soon.

Talk soon,


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What Are Your Dreams?

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2019



There will never be a better time to join The Global Information Network as a member.

The initiation fee is 50% off ($245.00) and until September 30th, when you become a member you get a free ticket to our next live event at the Paradisus, Los Cabos.

I would love to hang out with you on the beach and here your dreams, while you bask in the energy that only GIN can create.

To join and take advantage of this special, use this link.

(Use code JOINNOW2019)

This club is for people who want more out of life, have aspirations, goals and dreams.

GIN has redefined collaborative community. We are the leading successful living membership club of cause, and purpose-driven people who understand that the power of community creates opportunity, energy and purpose.

Our promise is to inspire, uplift and serve, while equipping our members with the entrepreneurial mindset and practical tools needed to live successful lives, as each defines success.

Through online and in-person...

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